Monday, March 12, 2012

Heaven Help Me...

I know very little about writing a blog. The one experience I have with it was hectic, difficult, and exhausting. why on earth am I starting one now?!

I don't know. I never make any sense to myself. Just the other day, my muse looked at me, shook her head and...

No, that's another story. We'll save that for later. The point is, I'm not quite sure what I'm getting myself into here. You'd think I wouldn't have enough time for this, what with school and all. Is there an upside to this?

Well, I suppose a place to just get some thoughts out, or share a story or two, would be rather nice. And this background is relaxing.

So here we have Sealsy Stuff. Prepare for rants, explanations of things you never wanted explanations of, and unedited and horrible writing that just needs someone other than the frazzled author to read it. Don't panic! This will be fun... :)


  1. It /is/ a relaxing background. :) And you're a good author. Although you're right that blogs are rather difficult to keep up with when coupled with school and debate, they mostly just take the anti-value of procrastination, to speak in LDerish. :P

  2. Hello, dearest Caroline! :D SO fab that you started a blog. <3 Blogging is so awesome.
    xo Mary


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