Saturday, April 7, 2012

Initiating Introductions

If you know me through Gmail, Homeschooldebate, G+, or you know me in real life like a non-creeper person, (I know I must have some friends in real life), then you know by now that I have characters that talk to me nonstop. It was basically their fault that I started a blog. So I could talk about them and get a rant about their annoying quirks out to the world (Yes Ian, you're very annoying sometimes), and maybe the occasional person would stop by and say, "Oh. She's mad. But in a very funny way." A mad woman with a blog, or something.

So I thought I'd start getting the introductions to my most prominent characters out of the way early on in this blog's life, so that if I made references to them later on, you'll know what I'm talking about. I'll give an image that's pretty close to my conception of the character, a basic overlook at their story, a description of the character, and a quote from them, because...well, they're always talking. I've already made a reference to one character, and posted a story about another, so we'll start with those. Later on, I'll probably post about more characters, but for now, I'll just introduce you to these two.

First off, Elanor Maureen Clement, better known as Ello.

Full name and title: Crown Princess Elanor of the Sword, Countess of Glasswater and Duchess of Etinsmoor.

Description: Six foot three, grey/blue eyes, dark brown hair, very skinny.

Age: 11 at the beginning, 18 at the end

Character: Hyper and bouncy much of the time, uses sarcastic humor whenever the situation allows. Has a quick temper, and can get violent easily. Sometimes pensive, and occasionally goes through bouts of silent depression.

Background: Elanor was the first character I ever wrote, in the first story I ever wrote, which was actually a fanfiction of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings. (Fanfiction is a story based on another author's story). She is the Crown Princess of Narnia under the Pevensies, and has trained with the Dunadain Rangers of Middle Earth. She is a diplomat, a master of the sword, and well accomplished with the throwing dagger. Her weapons of choice are a sword, a throwing dagger, a hunting knife, and a magic horn. Come the War of the Ring, she is the one who convinces her people to go to war against Sauron, and arrive with reinforcements at the Battle of Helm's Deep. She finally dies at the Battle of the Black Gate, attempting to save Aragorn.

Favorite Quote: "The only time when the word "kind" is used to describe when the word "NOT" precedes it."

Second, King Ian of Dalros, or better known as just Ian.
Yes, this is the same Ian in the short story I recently posted. We (some friends and I) couldn't find a colored photo that looked like Ian. So, you lucky readers get two! The first is the basic "Ian" look, but it's in black and white.
And the second is a beautiful drawing of Ian done by my lovely friend known as Swift Darkness. :D
(No, Ian doesn't usually wear jeans and t-shirt. But Swift has creative license to dress him in whatever she wants.) 

Full name and title: Ian Alexander Jonathan Eric Dorminus, King of Dalros.

Description: Six foot even, green eyes, bright red hair. Rather on the lean side of muscular.

Age: 21

Character: ANNOYING. No, sorry. Cocky, but usually only for the fun of it. Immature when the situation allows, but always kind and caring underneath. Does his best to be "manly" at all times. Willing to listen if needed, but he prefers to be the one talking.

Background: Ian was away from home, training for knighthood, when he received word that his entire family, Mother, Father, and brother, had all been killed in a dragon attack on the capital city, and that his land was now in the control of a rebel duke. Ian heads back home, swearing to take his rightful throne, and more importantly, to slay any dragon he meets. However, through a rather stupid move, he ends up being bonded to a dragon, a rather affectionate one named Tandall, and has to learn to work with a creature he swore to be enemies with in order to take back his rightful throne.

Favorite Quote: "We should start a club for people who are awesome, yet are sick all the time. We could call it "Totally Sick People"."

                             *                        *                       *

So there you have it! These two are are probably my favorites, though Katie comes pretty darn close. But I haven't introduced her yet. Oh, never mind, we'll do that later.

"I swear, you're really annoying when you ramble."

Thank you Ian, for your lovely input. You have now made yourself sound like a jerk.

"Did you not write that I was grinning when I said that and poking you in the shoulder?"

No, I didn't put that bit in. I like making you sound like a jerk.

"Well, gosh, thanks! Love you too."

"Ian, shut up, you sounded like a jerk even if the description was added in."

"Thanks Ello. You're so loving and kind. Such a great friend. We all know that you only insult your friends."

"I insult my enemies too. A lot."

...this is seriously continuing in my head, but I'm going to cut it short. You don't want to hear it. Trust me.


  1. Love 'em, Caroline! I really need to do more background on my own characters... I certainly don't have such in-depth details on mine. I'm just like "Your name is (blank.) You're a main character. You live in (blank.)" Pretty boring. :P

    PS. I love how TALL your main female character is! :D

    1. LOL, thank you Mary! I never actually sat down and decided all these things, I just discovered 'em along the way. I actually ended up asking Ian while I wrote the post what his full name was. XD

      And lol, I love it too. She, on the other hand, hates it. XD

  2. I like Ian. Ello is much more annoying than he is. Though no doubt that's from being stuck living in Ettinsmoor. :P


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